PDX Polarized Swim Goggles + SHOCK Protective Case


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  • ✓ BETTER EYE PROTECTION AND VISION ~ Polarized polycarbonate lenses with advanced anti fog coating and UV-proof plating (Cat3 UV400 Standard). Polarised lenses increase your visual comfort since the eyes aren't constantly challenged by glare, thus making it easier to view objects in bright conditions. Reduces eyestrain. Enhances clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects and for seeing into water, making them ideal for outdoor swimming, surfing and other water related sports
    ✓ MORE COMFORT ~ This swim goggles offer soft & flexible silicone double seals designed to expand and contract to hug the unique contours of a swimmer’s face and achieve the right level of suction without applying excessive pressure around the eyes. In addition, the ergonomic 3D frame design ensures low water resistance and the best fit for a wide range of face shapes, men or women, adults or teenagers
    ✓ SUPERIOR DESIGN ~ Unlike other single strap swimming goggles, our split Y-shaped strap design has no trouble in ensuring a fixed position of the goggles on the head even during the most vigorous swimming. Adjusting the size of the strap is easier, faster and can be done even during swimming with our one-click buckle system
    ✓ LONGER-LASTING ~ The swim goggles is made entirely of high quality silicone and the lenses are made of polycarbonate which guarantees excellent impact resistance
    ✓ HIGHER VALUE ~ AqtivAqua swimming goggles also include our special "Shock" Protective Case made of premium materials with drainage holes to promote quick drying